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Fifty Shades of Whatnow???

My pal Karen (I link to her blog a lot because she has really thoughtful, intelligent, thorough posts on current themes in most women's lives, and I like that) recently wrote a great little piece on the book Fifty Shades of Grey. I was one of the ones "in hiding" (which I took no offense to because I'm in hiding regarding a lot of current events/fads etc.) because I didn't know what she was talking about at first. After reading her post I recalled a few friends maybe mentioning it here and there, or comics parodying the book, and me not knowing what they were talking about but smiling and nodding.

This is not a book I want to smile and nod at.

I like the challenges Karen put out there for us as believers to be ready with a biblical defense. So when ladies in my small group or in the line at Trader Joe's or on the soccer field (Ben's, not mine) start talking about the book I will have an opinion based on the Bible, not on what I think - which is always a g…