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The Middle Lands

There's this really interesting thing that happens when you dedicate yourself to something that hasn't happened yet. Like a wedding (engagement) or a baby (adoption/pregnancy)... You're kind of in this ZONE where you don't quite fit in with life as you know it, and you don't quite fit in with the life as you will know it.

 You're neither here, nor there.

The Middle Lands.

That's a little how the FitzFam feels. 

We are days away from our move to Idaho. But first, there is our house, here, to ready. Clearing out, cleaning up, packing this, donating that. We are still welcoming people in. "Pardon the mess," we say. "Excuse the boxes," we blush. We are obviously on the move, but we are still 100%  HERE.

Then there's the house, there, to think about. Trips to be made, inspections to be had, papers to e-Sign. (Remember back in the day when it would take like, SIX HOURS to sign property papers?! Technology for the win!)

And should we chat about g…