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Try This out

Here is the link to a new website I'm working on. Let me know what you think...

You'll have to cut and paste it, I think.

Don't Panic

I'm working on something really great, you guys are going to love it! Stay tuned!!

Hallelujah and a Big Amen

Mark closed a big deal today that was, um, challenging to say the least. I am so proud the way he dealt with his client throughout this enitre ordeal. If anyone thinks realtors don't deserve the money they make I'd like to have them work for Mark's client for one day, heck one hour. He MORE than earned every cent of that commission. I'm just oosing with pride.

To celebrate his victory, which we are giving the credit 100% to God because it was truly His grace that brought Mark though this, Mark bought himself the iPhone which he has really been wanting. AND he bought me a MacBook (a new laptop computer). Never thought I'd be into having a Mac, but with all the great stuff it does with pictures nothing else really beats it. Plus, it has a built in camera so the kids and I can chat live with Mark's parent's and sister & her family. Hopefully this will also come in handy when my big brother and his fam make their move across the pond and we'll be able to…

Breaking the Addiction

I had to do it. I had to break the habit little Addison had developed. It was totally an addiction, her waking up at 4 am, because I didn't think it was really a problem for the first, oh, 6 weeks. She could stop at anytime, I thought. Or rather, I could stop going to her at anytime. I was in denial, and you know that's the first sign of addiction. But over the weekend in Simi, granted we were out of her comfort zone, she was waking at 11pm AND 4am. NO THANK YOU. I had dished out enough sleeping admonishing to know it was time for me to heed my own advice. As precious as this tiny baby girl is, and man she's precious, I have plenty of time to shmoodle over her in day light hours. (Yes I made up that word.) Sunday night I said NO MORE! Luckily the layout of our house helped me with this break. Our bedroom is on one side and the kiddos rooms are on the other side. So, when 4am approached and I heard my sweet baby girl's cry for her early morning fix I flipped the switch …

Hey, Pay Attention!

Let me reiterate the fact that my computer is gone. Yes, again. It does seem to happen to me quite a bit, I don't know why. Maybe because I get Mark's hand-me downs which I'm so not complaining about - they're perfect for the two things I do on a computer -check my email and blog. However, he uses his computers to their fullest capacity so when I get them they're usually on their way out anyway. But this one I think was new to me, so that theory really doesn't work in this case. All of this is besides the point, the point is I have yet to obtain email addresses from most of you. Mom, Carrie, Lauren and Amy Abbott are off the hook. But the rest of you, and you know who you are, MUST email me so I have your email address. I'm not asking for a message or anything, just type in my address and press send for all I care, I just need your address.

I'm one blog away from naming names. (Keri Lyon.)

Thank you for your time. Regular posts are to follow.

Really Sitting Pretty


Oh Man,

Do I have a lot to write about, so many memories to get down before they escape me, but for now the only thing that's coming to mind is:


Fitzpatrick Fam

Here are a few of the pictures that Lauren Robbins took of our Fitzpatrick side of the family. It is so great that we were all together and were able to have Lauren snap some great shots. She's for hire so let me know if you're in need of a photographer.

On a sadder note, my computer is still dead; I've lost everything. There's a chance a friend of ours might be able to salvage some stuff with his mad computer skills, but until then I'm using an old one we still have. So here's the deal, each of you need to email me so that I have your email address again. If you don't email me, won't be able to contact you. In addition to your email address, if you have a blog, please send me that address as well so I can keep my addiction fed. Thank you for your help.



First Foods

Addison was feeling a bit jealous of her cousin on Saturday so we gave her some rice cereal for the first time and she LOVED IT!

Party Pix

Here are a few of the 200+ pictures I have of the last few days. We took the boys to a great place called Travel Town where old trains are kept and kids and run all around and look at them. There's a little train there for kids to ride too, so I have a shot of that. Darren and fam arrived on Thursday and Luci is meeting Addison. Addie LOVES Luci's hair!

Ben has had so much fun playing with his cousins and being so silly. The boys decided a good place to play before bedtime was Papa and Gma's bed.

Here I am with sweetness herself, miss Elizabeth!

I have so many more I want to post, but I miss my computer and can only do a bit at a time. Anyway... happy summer!

The Fall

I believe my exact conversation with my mother-of-two neighbor was, "there is no reason why your 6 month old should still be waking up at night. He's healthy, big for his age, he just wants to see you in the middle of the night."

My nearly a-6-month old, who is healthy and big for her age, apparently wants to see me in the middle of the night, every night, as well.

I believe this is the time where, after taking my foot out of my mouth, I apologize to my neighbor, who ever so politley, took in my jugdmental load and smiled sweetly at me. It's as if she knew what was to come...

PS. My computer is shot, a gonner. I have very limited access to my email and such. Thus the major lack in computer communication. I figure if you need something badly enough you'll to call. AND I might be calling on you to send me all the pictures I've ever sent out because I may have lost everything. Good thing I send out lots of pictures!

We've been having lots of fun with our famil…

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

If you've read my blog for awhile now, and I think all 3 of you have, then you know I've talked a lot about how great of a sleeper Ben is. We can put him down anywhere, I'd boast. He asks to go to bed, I'd brag. He'll even sleep without his blanket, I'd say as I polished the horn I just finished tooting. Others would talk about how their kids don't go to bed until 8 or after and I'd shake my head in slight disgust. My haughty eyes have given their fare share of glances, folks, and I am here to repent! Ben has officially been denounced from his best sleeper ever title. It turns out he's just like every other kid out there when it comes to bedtime: dying of thirst, hungry - no -STARVING, too cold, acutely sensitive to light -or the lack thereof, too hot, has an insatiable desire for books - the longest ones on the shelf of course, and a never ending need to pee. His bed time moved from 7 to 7:30, but his "fall asleep" time is 9 or 9:30. Tues…

Riffle or Rifle?

It's rifle, but in an effort to copy my grandma's words exactly, I wrote it the way she wrote it, which was riffle. Not to mock her, but to add to the humor of it all. Oh, Creasie, how we love thee.

In other (much anticipated) news: Ben made his trip to the toy store, if you know what I mean. :) Oh happy day!