I know that people come from good places and the intentions behind their comments are never bad, and sometimes they're actually funny, but sometimes I just want to say, um, really? Is that the BEST thing you can think of to say? Here are some of my faves from last week...

"I'm going to un-friend you on facebook because you do not look like you just had a baby a week ago." - sorry?

"What's her name? ... Oh I know SO MANY Mia's. Like, SO many." - great.

"Are you guys finished yet? Is there some literature out there I can get for you (to teach you about prevention)?"

(This one is my favorite) - "I'm the oldest of three and I am SO glad my parent's didn't have a fourth." - um... okay.

This is the one I hear from almost everyone, it's not necessarily a bad thing to say, I just get it A LOT, "Two boys and two girls? Oh, the perfect family." Does that mean before Mia we had an imperfect family?

I also hear endless comments on how much hair she has. This doesn't bother me at all, especially if it comes from a newer friend who never saw my other kids as babies. But come on friends, my babies are hairy, this is nothing new. A bald baby - now THAT would be something to comment on.

Oh, and just to give all y'all a little heart attack... I saw a very pregnant girl walking the other day and I totally sighed, Awwwh, with a hint of envy in it. I think I will always have that longing, which is why I can't ever say for 100% certain yes or no when people ask me if we're done, which everyone does. Duggars we are not, but "done" just seems so final. Maybe it's because that's what has defined me for 5 years, being pregnant. If I'm not pregnant or mothering an infant, than who am? Yikes! I think we've entered another blog topic...


Julie Snell said…
Oh Sarah! The end of that blog is very interesting. I am shocked at some of those comments and was wondering as I was reading if there was going to be a comment that I have made in the past ;) Phew! Love you!
Wendy said…
Love it! God gave you a heart for those 4 kiddos, and if there are only 4 you know you are blessed and if more are to come, you are blessed! Children are blessings from God... not a certain or perfect number of children, just children. :)
Your existence may not revolve around being preggers any more... but your role as a mother is here to stay and those kids are blessed more than they can imagine for you to have that role in their lives.
I think about how amazing God feels to be a Father in our lives. I pray you feel that same feeling in your kids lives. Love you friend!
Unknown said…
I'm with you on some of the comments. I was so shocked when I found out Eliana was a girl and maybe even a little disappointed because I really wanted to spite all the people who assumed that I ONLY got pregnant so I could have my girl. I wanted to show them that I would be just as happy with another boy and that my family would not be incomplete without a girl. Of course I love my baby girl and she is the perfect fit for our family, but that's because she's a gift from the Lord, not b/c she is a girl. ;)

The little stuff I try to let roll off my back and extend some grace (because I know I have put my foot in my mouth WAY more than once).

Thanks for letting me think through it all and sharing your heart. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for your family (and mine too as we make some of those same decisions) ;)

Amy said…
Okay, now Sarah...I walk on eggshells around you "virtually of course!" lol!
And I have to come to my own babies rescues here....a baby with lots of head hair, or as you say~ 'hairy'~ is sweet, but my BALD BABIES were the CUTEST and so adorable! Need I post pictures of my bald babies? Babies can't help what they have and don't have, they are all so cute. Even the ones that are so ugly they are cute! :0)
Hugs to all! :) Love ya!
Anonymous said…
first who ever said the un-friend one is just jealous..You are beautiful.
second I don't know anyone else named Mia. :)

It sounds like you guys are letting God do the deciding in the number of children you have and there is no perfect number. It is interesting that you touch on your identity being found in pregnancy/mothering. I was just talking to Candie about that. Even though I've only been prego 1 time and have only been a mother for 17 months I have numerous times needed to seek God and be reminded of my significance to HIM and how I am His daughter raising Isaac to glorify him (he's on loan to me :). I would love to hear a blog or just have a conversation with you about this seeing you have have been in prego mom mode for 5 years. I always learn so much from you.
Candie said…
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Candie said…
what the HECK??!! WHO are these people?!! i really hope they read your blog and comments so they get a much needed wake up call. wow... im sorry you had to deal with those comments. i know this is cliche and might not be the right moment to say- but ive found those vulnerable situations can really make us stronger and define our character based on OUR authentic perspective- having to deal with those painful words can be a healthy challenge.
thank you so much for sharing- i cant believe these crazy, insensitive comments came during the most precious, amazing, beautiful part of life.
Anonymous said…
Ouch! Funny that some people just feel their current thought is so important they must share it- regardless of the audience
Jessica said…
Being from a family of 6 children I wouldn't have it any other way. If this woman who was glad that her parents stopped at the 3rd actually had to the opportunity to meet a fouth child she would say different. I cannot imagine life without my youngest siblings...I don't know who I would be without them. They are such an integral part of my existence that I would be a completely different person if they weren't born. Sure it was a challenge at times and frustrating that I spent my summers as an unpaid nanny but I would be completely self absorbed rather than just mostly self absorbed if it weren't for them.
You shouldn't feel guilty for not being done! And your children are so blessed to have each another They are also blessed to have a mommy and daddy that want them and are not "burdened" by their own children.
Tpregizer said…
Sarah - I'm sorry about all those comments, but they did make me laugh. If it makes you feel any better I have a friend just like you. Her oldest just turned 5 in Dec, and her 4th is due in April. She can't bring herself to say that they're done for 100%. The only difference is that I don't think she likes to be pregnant. Anyways, I'm also writing to tell you that I'm a really lame blogger and just not read your comment you left in Sept. Let me tell you, I hated not being able to see you! I really really wanted to get together with the corg. Let me know if you ever make it to Tennessee! Enjoy those precious newborn weeks! Love ya! - Teresa

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